Keith and The Girl comedy talk show
Keith and The Girl (est. March, 2005) is a fast-paced comedy show that talks about EVERYTHING. KATG host and Podcasting Hall of Fame inductee Keith Malley and guests talk openly about their lives including topics such as their relationships, religion and atheism, the LGBT community, love, hate, fights, racism, feminism, weed and other drug use, family, and any comfortable or uncomfortable topic. Keith creates an aggressive but safe place for his guests to share intimate and never-been-told stories and promotes a frank and hilarious atmosphere. KATG is known for its rabid and supported fan-base. In fact, over 150 audience members have tattooed and, literally, branded themselves with KATG-related body modifications. Top names in the industry credit the Keith and The Girl show for being pioneers in the podcasting world. "You guys got me started to begin with. You were the original podcasting people." -Marc Maron The show - which has been available for two decades with over 3,800 episodes, the most of any podcast in history - continues with such greats as the late Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin, Problem Child), Bowen Yang (SNL), Jim Norton (Opie and Anthony), Doug Stanhope (The Howard Stern Show, Louie), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Phoebe Robinson (Two Dope Queens), Hannibal Buress (Broad City, TAG), Kevin Allison (Risk!, The State), Mike Lawrence (Conan), Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers), Matteo Lane (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), and many others! KATG has appeared on the cover of The Village Voice and the Keith and The Girl show has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Observer, Glamour, and more! Download an episode of KATG. Subscribe to the podcast. Change your life. L'chaim.

Keith’s mom’s car accident; Chemda’s celibacy (?)

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Reasons to live (?); Boy Scouts’ high pedophilia rate; pope blames 60s hippie movement on church pedophilia; the celibacy countdown; Facebook’s $5 billion privacy fine; how to stay strong

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Daddy issues; family cycles; man vs. beast

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Family and exes; Chemda’s dating profile; new Bill Cosby accuser paid off; Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, and his defenders

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Max’s marriage and sex clubs; girlfriend burns down boyfriend’s apartment after threesome; Bar Rescue

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Reporting social media; Keith’s new email address; groom commits sexual assault at own wedding; 4-year-old boy shoots and kills 6-year-old sister; Waffle House customer killed for handing strangers money

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YouTube comments; flirty comedians; dating and pushing boundaries; AirDrop and forced porn; criminals caught from social media; man sprays urine on woman who won’t clean up after her dog

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Passover, Easter, and Zombie Jesus; Notre-Dame de Paris’s donated $1 billion and France’s poor; Keith’s Easter Miracle; The View: Elizabeth Hasselbeck vs. Barbara Walters; Heckboy reviewed; Portland’s first-ever lifetime public transportation ban;

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Keith’s dad; 40-year-old sues parents over thrown out porn collection; KATG Week

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Little; Us and Star Wars Episode IX’s trailer; President Trump and Game of Thrones; Tiger Woods’ comeback; Notre-Dame de Paris burns down; Keith’s dad contacts his ex behind his back

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Officer drunk at breathalyzer training session; fake construction walls to catch vandalism; overhearing a butt-dial about your lover cheating; the Jackson family’s pro-Michael documentary; Billy’s dangerous sexual lifestyle; squirting

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WrestleMania 35 and Bret Hart’s takedown; Kentucky finally against bestiality

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Witnessing troubled relationships; Chemda will literally light herself on fire; speed dating; trusting men with The Pill
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Weird but True: heteropaternal superfecundation; Beyoncé’s secrets; new love and social media; Chemda’s bat mitzvah; Uri Geller’s magical power over Brexit; David Blaine’s sexual assault claims; Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

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Chemda’s brother’s April Fool apology; self-immolation; the future of Google Assistant; Shazam!, Avengers: Endgame, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3; Silent Trailers
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Movers; white racist angry at Mexican restaurant’s menu; mom births her grandchild; doctors mistakenly give man a circumcision; Shazam! and superhero sex

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Birthdays; working with your lover; April Fools: Chemda vs. Michael Khalili; Speech Impediment: Keith vs. Christian Finnegan; Kevin Doucet; Nipsey Hussle and the AIDS conspiracy; Gwyneth Paltrow vs. her 14-year-old

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Therapy; KATG Polls; lack of sex; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Def Leppard’s Love Bites; Nicolas Cage’s 4-day marriage; Uber murders

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