Keith and The Girl comedy talk show
Keith and The Girl (est. March, 2005) is a fast-paced comedy show that talks about EVERYTHING. KATG host and Podcasting Hall of Fame inductee Keith Malley and guests talk openly about their lives including topics such as their relationships, religion and atheism, the LGBT community, love, hate, fights, racism, feminism, weed and other drug use, family, and any comfortable or uncomfortable topic. Keith creates an aggressive but safe place for his guests to share intimate and never-been-told stories and promotes a frank and hilarious atmosphere. KATG is known for its rabid and supported fan-base. In fact, over 150 audience members have tattooed and, literally, branded themselves with KATG-related body modifications. Top names in the industry credit the Keith and The Girl show for being pioneers in the podcasting world. "You guys got me started to begin with. You were the original podcasting people." -Marc Maron The show - which has been available for two decades with over 3,800 episodes, the most of any podcast in history - continues with such greats as the late Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin, Problem Child), Bowen Yang (SNL), Jim Norton (Opie and Anthony), Doug Stanhope (The Howard Stern Show, Louie), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Phoebe Robinson (Two Dope Queens), Hannibal Buress (Broad City, TAG), Kevin Allison (Risk!, The State), Mike Lawrence (Conan), Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers), Matteo Lane (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), and many others! KATG has appeared on the cover of The Village Voice and the Keith and The Girl show has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Observer, Glamour, and more! Download an episode of KATG. Subscribe to the podcast. Change your life. L'chaim.

with Yedoye Travis –’s $45,000 asking price; 50 Cent, Bitcoin millionaire; Las Vegas’s friendly airport drug policy; woman uses poop to hide drugs and Valentine’s Day card from cops; Heather Locklear arrested for domestic abuse; Chevy Chase’s road rage; The Friars Club to roast Gloria Allred; The Woody Papers

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with Katharine Heller and Kambri Crews – Arming yourself, protecting minorities, saving schools, and the NRA; a MAGA dating site; Game Night and Annihilation reviewed

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with May Wilkerson – May’s blackout history; your sad dad; smartphones in schools and kids today; NJ Cardinal’s inappropriate tweet; Keith, his dating life, and his father; wedding photographer only takes pics only of bridesmaids’ privates; Chemda vs. Aloft; the Olympics: curling, getting lost, and Russian cheating

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With Chris Laker and Ruby Karp — Celebrate with KATG; what it’s like being a child; OkCupid, Keith’s dating life, KATG Polls, and the destruction of Science; Keith’s dad’s dating advice

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with Emily Lubin – Being dumped on Valentine’s Day; babysitting sad children; men vs. women in our current dating environment

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with Casey James Salengo – Casey’s love life and rough history; Trump vs. Oprah; Fergie’s National Anthem performance; Marilyn Manson’s onstage meltdown; more Russian Olympians caught doping; dating etiquette; Olympian’s costume malfunction; Jaime Foxx walks off interview when asked about Katie Holmes; rapist Russell Simmons relaxing with yoga; drug kingpin kidnaps nurses for yellow fever vaccine; Girl Scouts may sell outside cannabis dispensaries

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with Jessie Jolles – Apple’s dangerous all-glass headquarters; Snickers Pods and Doritos for Women; Trump’s comb-over; Keith and Jessie’s love lives

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with Rod Morrow – Florida school shooting reactions; Keith’s bad date; Black Panther reviewed with Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips; Keith’s good date

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with Kenny DeForest and Paul Hooper – Sharing your sobriety and unfair breathalyzers; the animals living in you; the Parkland, FL school shooting; Keith’s dating life; a brain scan that tells if you’re in love; KATG Polls; Stormy Daniels may now spill re: the Donald Trump affair

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with Tracey Carnazzo — Anxiety and weed paranoia; emetophobia; struggling with weight; an aimless Valentine’s Day; The 2018 Flu; keeping an eye on Tracey’s boyfriend; the world’s first gay Olympic figure skater; South Korea’s dog menu; Teen Mom

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with Billy Procida and Andrea Allan — Age differences and paypigs; public blowjobs; gambling addictions; Keith’s first online date; Andrea on Billy’s condescending attitude

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with Kerryn Feehan – Kerryn vs. My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Way Thore; Kerryn’s relapse and her 8 concussions; KATG Polls; hearing voices; Neil deGrasse Tyson’s rape allegation; man drinks 25 energy drinks in 6 hours

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How robots keep secrets; the witness to Scott Baio’s underage kid-touching; Kim Cattrall vs. Sarah Jessica Parker; Christian Louboutin vs. VanHaren; Lenny Dykstra says Charlie Sheen confessed to murder; Leonardo DiCaprio supports known criminal Jordan Belfort; Harrison Ford on the new Han Solo movie; Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson stealing music, how JFK was murdered, and how Marlon Brando, Marvin Gaye, and Richard Pryor had sex; Black Panther trailer and soundtrack reviewed; race and the Olympics

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with Hannah Boone – The return of Two Drunk Minimum; Hannah’s parents met in a mental institution, anguish followed; 1 in 10 people have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders; dating apps and odd encounters; NYC’s false tsunami warning; Trump’s military parade; Elon Musk’s space car; Nicole Eggert accuses Scott Baio of molestation when she was 14

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with Maria Wojciechowski – Maria’s doppelgänger Laura Dern; hearing hateful voices from loved ones; bladder infections; Olympics sports physician Larry Nassar’s sentencing; Roger Ailes’ hidden cameras; The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem; court defendant won’t stop deliberately spitting on his attorneys; jury members try to stay alive while judging El Chapo; New York state prisoners given tablet computers

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with Rojo Perez – Our dumb world; 2019’s Super Bowl and Philadelphia’s post-Super Bowl riots; Gisele Bündchen’s post-Super Bowl Instagram messages; Rob Gronkowski’s house robbed during Super Bowl; how to legally urinate in public; Keith wants your dead body

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with Andrea Allan and Julia Schachter – New show: Last Week on KATG; Jumanji remake back at #1; the allure of horror movies; Monopoly’s new version encourages cheating; catching loved ones cheating in games; good and bad sportsmanship; comedian Aaron Glaser’s rape allegations

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with Christian Finnegan – Christian’s early work; wife Kambri’s breast cancer; sobriety update; dealing with humans; Super Bowl LII, Justin Timberlake, Nipplegate, $5 million 30-second commercials, and the Philadelphia Riots; social media vs. loved ones

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with Andrea Allan – 2018 Grammy Awards; know the laws of countries you visit; the Wedding Ring Effect; Andrea’s relationship update and Chemda the Wingwoman; Barney’s 1 on 1 tantric sex class; Creeps: David Copperfield, Harvey Weinstein’s assistant; Fred Savage, Mark Salling, Grandma the Clown, and Bronx karate instructor Anthony Gonzales; the end of Chief Wahoo

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