Keith and The Girl comedy talk show
Keith and The Girl (est. March, 2005) is a fast-paced comedy show that talks about EVERYTHING. KATG host and Podcasting Hall of Fame inductee Keith Malley and guests talk openly about their lives including topics such as their relationships, religion and atheism, the LGBT community, love, hate, fights, racism, feminism, weed and other drug use, family, and any comfortable or uncomfortable topic. Keith creates an aggressive but safe place for his guests to share intimate and never-been-told stories and promotes a frank and hilarious atmosphere. KATG is known for its rabid and supported fan-base. In fact, over 150 audience members have tattooed and, literally, branded themselves with KATG-related body modifications. Top names in the industry credit the Keith and The Girl show for being pioneers in the podcasting world. "You guys got me started to begin with. You were the original podcasting people." -Marc Maron The show - which has been available for two decades with over 3,800 episodes, the most of any podcast in history - continues with such greats as the late Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin, Problem Child), Bowen Yang (SNL), Jim Norton (Opie and Anthony), Doug Stanhope (The Howard Stern Show, Louie), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Phoebe Robinson (Two Dope Queens), Hannibal Buress (Broad City, TAG), Kevin Allison (Risk!, The State), Mike Lawrence (Conan), Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers), Matteo Lane (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), and many others! KATG has appeared on the cover of The Village Voice and the Keith and The Girl show has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Observer, Glamour, and more! Download an episode of KATG. Subscribe to the podcast. Change your life. L'chaim.

The mile-high club; Game of Thrones and the season finale; Stranger Things renewed far into the future; The Hitman’s Bodyguard and Logan Lucky reviewed; Jay Thomas, host to KATG, died of cancer; Mayor Chris Christie doesn’t get sports talk radio job and yells at a baseball fan; Mayor Bill de Blasio murdered a groundhog in public; ESPN pulls announcer Robert Lee so people don’t think it’s Confederate General Robert E. Lee commentating on a game; NYC apartments with Nazi images

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with Josh Accardo – Josh laments over Keith not drinking; Hurricane Harvey; friend and listener reactions from KATG #2702

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with Julia Shiplett – Improving ourselves; Chemda and religious centers; time management; Keith's next steps

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with Anne Whitman – Keith addresses his alcoholism

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with Andrea Allan – Keith’s Landmark graduation; self-help/anonymous meetings

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with Chad Zumock and Reena Calm – Drunks; approaching comedians; comics and politics; The Karate Kid TV show; parents fighting on your behalf; KATG Polls; Wag

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with Reena Calm – The total solar eclipse; The Landmark Forum explained in detail and self-help discussed

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with Dan LaMorte – Drug dealing, booze drinking, bipolar disorders, and brain traumas; the total solar eclipse; drugs and Tiger Woods’s system; Neo-Nazis; Rage Against the Machine predicted a Trump presidency; stand-up at gunpoint; camp counselor

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with Brother Love and Rojo Perez – Rojo’s TV debut on Conan; Rojo the hopeless romantic; Brother Love calls in; the bosses play hooky; Landmark and self-improvement; Happy ending massages in groups

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with Jena Friedman and Andrea Allan – Deleted yearbook quotes; outlawed vanity plates; Confederate statues; airplane disasters; Taylor Swift wins $1; aggressive ‘actor’ gropes women hoping for a role; stunt woman dies filming Deadpool 2; Pantone’s new Prince purple color

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with Daniel Hartley – The greatest country in the word; weed vs. coke; Google vs. Women; weed suppositories; selling your home to foreigners; archaic laws; smiling bank robbers; deadly amusement parks

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President Trump finally denounces KKK and white supremacist violence; white nationalist comedian deliberately maces himself for attention; @YesYoureRacist outs racists at white power rallies; American tourist beaten up in Germany for Nazi salute; KATG Polls; HBO shows hacked again; the danger of copper cups; Chemda, dog lover

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Rosebud Baker – The Upside Down; sobriety, making amends, and being right vs. being happy; mansplaining

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The Charlottesville, Virginia protests; Marshawn Lynch sits during National Anthem; Detroit, Annabelle: Creation, and Kidnap reviewed; 18-year-old Instagrams 14-year-old dying sister; Chemda’s tumor anniversary; food for thought

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with Anthony DeVito and Julia Solomon – Relationship dynamics; rage issues and how to stay on top of your medication; Dave Chappelle’s no phone rule; Julia’s love of skin care; performing high; Chemda’s tumor anniversary; cancer survivor dies hiking; your boyfriend’s clothes; black market butt injections

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with Jessica Watkins and Andrea Allan – Walking America; drive-ins, Atomic Blonde, Girls Trip, and 4D movies; suicide by text; teens mock drowning adult; Can evil people change?; Pete Rose’s underage sex; 96-year-old nazis  

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with Rob Haze – Chinese chatbots against communism; Stephen King’s rape and pedophile fantasies revisited; R. Kelly’s illegal history; Kanye West vs. Jay-Z and 4:44 reviewed; Usher’s $1.1 million herpes cost; Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separate

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with Laura Lane and Angela Spera – Laura’s wedding; dating Ryan Lochte; Lauren’s insensitive pro poker playing brother; dating a deaf person; listener relationship comments and questions

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Robots’ secret language; The Dark Tower and Dunkirk reviewed; Stephen King’s rape and pedophilia plotlines; The Emoji Movie; The Karate Kid TV series with Ralph Macchio; Game of Thrones season 7; Trump’s transgender military ban; 110 out of 111 NFL players have CTE; KATG Polls; New York Daily News reports on accused rapist and UCB improv comic Aaron Glaser

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with Andrea Allan – Andrea's drunk Mr. Hyde: Angela the Angel; meeting the parents; working in a movie theater

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with Vanetta Schoefield – Relationship revenge; naughty pastors; snortable chocolate; being locked in a bar; T. J. Miller’s mental breakdown; woman throws coins in plane engine for luck; Lena Dunham makes up dog abuse

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with Kerry Coddett – The Emoji Movie and food pictures; Dunkirk, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Girls Trip reviewed; KATG polls; Michael Phelps vs. a shark; naked law-breakers; Walmart’s racist online store; Ashley Madison pays out $11.2 million; Patton Oswalt engaged 15 months after wife dies

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Wishmaster vs. Wish Upon; morning coffee fights; KATG email politics; a coffee company uses Viagra’s main ingredient; Proud Boys; O. J. Simpson gets paroled; Home Alone’s John Heard and True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis died; weed taste

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