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Keith and The Girl (est. March, 2005) is a fast-paced comedy show that talks about EVERYTHING. KATG host and Podcasting Hall of Fame inductee Keith Malley and guests talk openly about their lives including topics such as their relationships, religion and atheism, the LGBT community, love, hate, fights, racism, feminism, weed and other drug use, family, and any comfortable or uncomfortable topic. Keith creates an aggressive but safe place for his guests to share intimate and never-been-told stories and promotes a frank and hilarious atmosphere. KATG is known for its rabid and supported fan-base. In fact, over 150 audience members have tattooed and, literally, branded themselves with KATG-related body modifications. Top names in the industry credit the Keith and The Girl show for being pioneers in the podcasting world. "You guys got me started to begin with. You were the original podcasting people." -Marc Maron The show - which has been available for two decades with over 3,800 episodes, the most of any podcast in history - continues with such greats as the late Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin, Problem Child), Bowen Yang (SNL), Jim Norton (Opie and Anthony), Doug Stanhope (The Howard Stern Show, Louie), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Phoebe Robinson (Two Dope Queens), Hannibal Buress (Broad City, TAG), Kevin Allison (Risk!, The State), Mike Lawrence (Conan), Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers), Matteo Lane (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), and many others! KATG has appeared on the cover of The Village Voice and the Keith and The Girl show has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Observer, Glamour, and more! Download an episode of KATG. Subscribe to the podcast. Change your life. L'chaim.

Holiday non-plans; the world’s busiest airport has a blackout; woman to eat her mom’s ashes with her Christmas dinner; Omarosa fired and literally dragged from the White House; the social impact of Bye, Felicia; Net Neutrality revisited; KATG binge-listener feedback; Star Wars: The Last Jedi reviewed; Clowned by The Girl’s Lunch with Mother

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with Emma Willmann – Alcohol recovery; relating more as a man; net neutrality; customer service’s rude politeness; studying rape culture; Russell Simmons’s new rape accusations and Dustin Hoffman’s new unwanted digital penetration and masturbating at minors accusations; taboo porn; Morgan Spurlock’s half-sexual assault confessions; why people cheat; Matt Damon’s ridiculous thoughts on Hollywood sexual assault

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with Kenny DeForest – Being respected as a comedian; faking sign language; forced guests on the KATG tour; doctor takes online Spanish test during surgery; rape victims receive illegal bills for rape kits; listener brags about 29 year age gap in his relationship; Libraries renting sheet pans and artwork

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with Andrea Allan – Racist pedophilic cowboy Roy Moore (barely) loses Senate seat; Omarosa fired from the White House; In Touch magazine to chronical Matt Lauer’s past; Merriam-Webster Dictionary's 2017 Word of the Year: Feminism; your parents’ lines and the sexualization of women in media; Saudi Arabia allows movie theaters; the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees

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with Selena Coppock – Woman regrets EAT ME tattoo; social media trappings; Netflix and Spotify mock you; Stannis Baratheon didn’t understand his role; father of The Walking Dead actor criticizes the show runners by name for killing off his son; The true life Sopranos strip club busted for mob-related racketeering; the Sex in the City tour; Viagra factory fumes making men hard; Dolphins getting themselves high; not family holiday plans

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with Raanan Hershberg – Ignorance and different times; the value of a name; county fair and jail gigs; changing your name; people thinking you don’t know what they’re saying; the DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattoo controversy

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with Amy Miller – Amy’s turbulent family past; Time’s Person of the Year, Al Franken’s resignation, Mario Batali’s multiple assault allegations, and toxic masculinity; Trump names Jerusalem the capital of Israel, starts wars; The Olympics ban Russia, kind of

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Artie Lange’s police run-in and Hannibal Buress’s intoxication arrest; Keith relapsed; Hennessy’s film Sir!; The Disaster Artist, I, Tonya, and the true life counterparts; the Gold Globe nominees; Quentin Tarantino’s R-rated Star Trek film; listeners happy to let people with DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattoos die

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with Carmen Lynch and John Reynolds — Moving in with a pre-made family; The Naked Bathroom Trick; John Oliver vs. Dustin Hoffman and Hoffman’s lurid past; Danny Masterson and Kevin Spacey written out of Netflix’s shows; Bill O’Reilly’s breach of contract in his settled sexual assault suits; Metropolitan Opera director James Levine’s 4th public victim; Carmen and John’s upcoming family Christmas; KATG Polls

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with Wendi Starling – Prostitution vs. wage slavery and the fetishes of the wealthy; Billy Bush’s non-apology revisited; drinking problems; Christmas with the ladies; the glitter ban; how to behave in public as a hooker

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With Mike Lawrence – Barkers; Billy Bush’s New York Times article and the Access Hollywood/Donald Trump bus footage revisited; the failing USPS; superhero films; the robot with citizenship wants a baby; doctors don’t resuscitate man with DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattoo; American tourists fined in Thailand for bare-butt selfies

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Christmas woes; the latest celebrity sexual predators, including Matt Lauer, Russell Simmons, and A Prairie Home Companion’s Garrison Keillor; sexual predator apologists, including INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly, Geraldo Rivera, and Kevin Dillon

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with Hennessy — Hennessy’s transition update; Chemda’s birthday; Pixar removes Olaf from Coco; Superman’s CGI’d mustache and Armie Hammer’s CGI’d testicles; The Room, The Disaster Artist, and Tommy Wiseau; Kevin Spacey replaced by Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World in time; Gomer Pyle’s Jim Nabors died

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with Rojo Perez — Birthday milestones; Prince Harry engaged to American actress Meghan Markle; enablers; stand-up first-timers; Pokémon GO’s $7.3 billion damage; college ufology; 2017’s Word of the Year: Complicit; Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake in Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel; accused multiple rapist Jeremy Piven’s Wisdom of the Crowd cancelled; woman fakes Ray Moore pedophile story to The Washington Post to trick them into printing fake stories and is caught; Murder, She Wrote’s Angela Lansbury blames women for their rapes; Ontario, Canada’s Swastika Trail

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with Dan Perlman and Kevin Iso – The merits of Lady Bird; Bollywood beheading rewards; Navy draws sky-dicks; suggestive Catholic statues; cokehead teacher vs. annoyingly smug student; 64% of adults are afraid of the dark

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with Ted Alexandro and Andrea Allan – Soft speakers in arguments; relationships with big age differences; KATG induces breakups; the non-apologies of sexual predators and comedians reactions to Louis C.K.; Pat Dixon revisited

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with Chelsea Dallas Falato – Trump says ‘Grab ‘em by the pussy’ audio is faked and claims Time wanted him again as Person of the Year but he declined; Will Louis C.K. be O.K.?; Saudi Arabia’s robot with citizenship; Charlie Rose’s sexual assault; That 70s Show’s Danny Masterson accused of multiple rape; Wendy vs. McDonald’s

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with Andrea Allan – David Cassidy died; Who washes the dishes in gay relationships?; family, Thanksgiving, and KATG Tattoo #145; the return of Charlie

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with Lenny Marcus – Being nervous about assault accusations; marriage, baby-making, neatness, and age differences; Gary Oldman’s 5th marriage; Utah; Lady Bird reviewed; Charles Manson died; AC/DC’s Malcolm Young died; David Cassidy in critical condition; the Uber tip jar thief is angry; London buses will run on coffee; Wu-Tang Clan files suit against Woof-Tang Clan

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with Dustin Noack – Dating Andrea Allan; working in a movie theater; Hollywood news including Get Out nominated for Best Comedy or Musical in the Golden Globes; Tom Sizemore sexually assaults 11-year-old actress; Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner rape 17-year-old model; Jeffrey Tambor leaves transparent after sexually assaulting co-workers; Lena Dunham apologizes for defending Girls writer for sexual assault; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback grabbed female Uber driver’s crotch; Ohio anti-LBGT lawmaker caught having sex with a man; mom marries daughter after marrying son; The South explained; loving Andrea Allan  

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with Andrea Allan – Weed vs. sleeping pills; KATG’s students; the NFL’s camera angles mimic Madden video games; community service attitudes; the winning name for female genitalia; Chemda’s representation of Keith; the top 10 countries; Cards Against Humanity vs. the President of the United States; Sarah Silverman and Marc Maron on the Louis C.K. news; Hollywood exposed and rehabilitation

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with Harry Terjanian and Mimi Fischer —  KATG Polls: Sex robots, caring, Louis C.K.’s future, monuments, and urine drinking; dating debacles; creeping on social media; disillusionment; the vagina explained; democracy’s flaws; long distance relationships

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with Petey DeAbreu – Moving in with your lover; pulling out and 69ing; working at a soup kitchen; police give speeders frozen turkeys; flight makes emergency landing after woman finds her husband cheating on her

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Chemda’s pill popping; kratom; a belligerent O.J. Simpson banned from a Las Vegas hotel bar for life; sexual abusers Dustin Hoffman, Steven Seagal, Richard Dreyfuss, CW executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, and Alabama judge/ pedophile Roy Moore; Roy More and boycotting of the Keurig coffee machine; Barack Obama selected for jury duty; Donald Trump’s love of McDonald’s; Murder on the Orient Express reviewed, The Defenders revisited, and the verdict on Daddy’s Home 2

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with Andrea Allan and Anne Whitman – Sobriety and relapses; KATG on The Hot Mess Comedy Hour live in front of an unsuspecting audience

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with Adam Conover – Adam Ruins Everything; self-motivation and family; Twitter’s extended character limit; war video games vs. Army training; The New York Times outs sexual predator Louis C.K., and Louis responds  

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with Catherine Cohen and Andrea Allan — Keith’s results; taking down the statues of bad men; egging; Suburbicon reviewed; knowing when you’re awake; how to socialize

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with Brian Baldinger and Victoria Taylor  — Testing drinking after sobriety; going through emails; Keith’s ‘stay strong’ letters of hope; the pronunciation problems of FabFitFun; Papa John blames NFL players’ protests on dwindling pizza sales; Chemda’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles experience; University of Harvard student contaminates roommate’s property with body fluids

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with Keith Lowell Jensen – Atheists giving up; kids believing they’re cats; P. Diddy vs. Brother Love; cryptic family emails; Texas’s largest mass shooting; doctors vs. patients; no age limit for hunting; the merits of NYC; the Pope falls asleep during prayers

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with Alyssa Limperis — Stalking exes and sharing major life events with your significant other; Dustin Hoffman and our reaction to the many sexual predator stories; Trump’s Twitter taken offline; Chemda’s health update; Alyssa featured in an IKEA commercial; moving and depression; animal conversion therapy  

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Social media; director Brett Ratner, sexual assaulter; Kevin Spacey, Richard Dreyfuss’s son, and the crew behind House of Cards; Marvel’s The Defenders and Jessica Jones’s Kilgrave revisited; Thor: Ragnarok and A Bad Moms Christmas reviews; Halloween eggings; Keith’s medical marijuana card; the new High/Low app    

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Andy Dick fired from a movie over multiple sexual assaults; Kevin Spacey’s pedophile-based predatory behavior referenced in Family Guy in 2005; man leaps to death after argument with wife; MSNBC’s Mark Halperin fired over 12 sexual assaults; stealthing; grade school dildo parties; is school important?; Stupidity News; Wendy Williams passes out on live TV; an Israeli bar offers 25% discount for period-havers

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with Kyle Ayers and Andrea Allan – Not knowing when you’re awake; edible overdoses; giving edibles to kids for Halloween; Jigsaw and Thank You for Your Service reviewed; Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp calls Kevin Spacey out for attempted pedophilia and Spacey’s disgusting non-apology; Louis C.K.’s new age-inappropriate sexual movie amid predatory allegations; Marilyn Manson fired Twiggy Ramirez over a rape allegation from Jack Off Jill’s Jessicka Addams; Annabella Sciorra’s rape by Harvey Weinstein; Selma Blair sexually assaulted by director James Toback; Andrea Allan on rape and predators in the comedy industry

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with Matteo Lane – Matteo vs. Mariah Carey; Matteo’s pictures used to catfish ladies; Liza Minelli, Shark Tank’s Barbara Ann Corcoran, and American vs. British cooking shows; Matteo’s Italian hook-up; racial ambiguity; sex dolls that orgasm based on respect; sex with a porn star; Hollywood pitches

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with Bowen Yang – The code-switching of naturalized Americans; Jackie Chan vs. Chuck Norris; the Chinese language; golden vs. platinum gays; artist/fan relationships

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Landmark; KATG Polls; Keith’s weigh-in; access to nutritional information and white privilege

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With Peyton Clarkson — The roller-coaster of sobriety; divorce, presents, and parents; Swiss investment adviser and racist Marc Faber; a resort for solely obese people; a $1,000 New York bagel; The Walking Dead celebrates their 100th episode with zombies on your commute; man sentenced to 3 months in Dubai for accidentally touching another man’s hip; your next step in life; Eminem vs. President Trump; comedy audiences in small towns vs. big cities  

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With Andrea Allan — Keith plumps up for his diet; 325 pound woman sits on niece as punishment, killing her; Keith’s life after drinking; Justin Timberlake to perform 2018’s Super Bowl halftime show; victim blaming vs. personal responsibility; catcalling defined

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with Dan Soder – The restaurant industry; Dan’s ex-girlfriends; hallucinogenic drugs and family deaths; sobriety; the curse of the 49ers

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with Jamie Aderski – The secrets of motherhood; odd commercial work and foot modeling; humanoid robot destroyed and soiled by perverts at electronic fair; Harvey Weinstein completes his week at rehab; magician David Blane and director James Toback accused of rape and sexual assault; Woody Allen’s latest sexually inappropriate movie

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KATG Tattoos; Christianity, the NFL, and why you should listen to Keith; the acting return of Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg’s violent past; top movies of the weekend and Only the Brave and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women reviewed; Pound Town, population: You

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with Carmen Lynch, Chanel Ali, and Amber Rollo —  A congressional candidate’s space alien abduction; Carmen’s live-in boyfriend is also a father; biological vs. adopted kids; Anthony Weiner shamelessly on crowded public subway; new (gross) Harvey Weinstein accusations include food; dead parents; stripper tricks

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with Christi Chiello — Church vs. the NFL; family dynamics; gun tests, automatic weapons, and KATG Polls; The Foreigner and Marshall reviewed

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with Josh Gondelman and Casey James Salengo – Blackout drinking; homeless fantasies; Landmark Part 2; Josh’s wedding DJ/Michael Jackson impersonator; Harvey Weinstein’s perverted beginnings; Woody Allen worries over an inappropriate men witch hunt; James Corden’s tone deaf Weinstein jokes; portrait mode vs. landscape mode; an NYC teacher’s aid’s 500 child upskirt pictures; stealthing to be a form of rape; unorthodox burn remedies; Wiki What?

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with Myka Fox – Addicted to being bad; Myka lives with her boyfriend; camping alone together; Weinstein Twitter backlash; babies in adult locations; Blade Runner, its sequel, and Happy Death Day reviewed

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With Emily Lubin — Emily on her podcast co-host’s worse qualities; NYC subway racists and perverts; more Harvey Weinstein accusers; Amazon’s sexually inappropriate programming chief; lost condoms; Ben Affleck and Oliver Stone’s sexual misconduct; Roman Polanski’s fourth public victim; Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory; 14 family members all have 12 fingers and 12 toes; straight men prefer men over women

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with James Adomian and Andrea Allan – Family impersonations and rules regarding laughter; being a parent of divorce; James’s estranged father;  Trump impressionist Anthony Atamanuik and audience members ruining the illusion; Andrea’s visit with her dad

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President Trump’s IQ test; Mike Ditka doubts black oppression; Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster on tape snorting cocaine and talking dirty to a stripper; Pennsylvania Representative and anti-abortionist Tim Murphy asks mistress to get an abortion; Hurricane Harvey Weinstein and his public victims; Chemda’s Harvey-related experience; Ed Asner asks interviewer for a kiss during workplace sexism interview; comic Ralphie May died

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with Matt Bacchus – Matt didn’t know his roommate’s name and the roommate killed himself; Matt took acid at age 16; mass shooting and a DMV for guns; 26-year-old woman shoots homeless man over her loud car stereo music; high school bullying and depression; male vs. female statutory rape

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with Mehran Khaghani, Andrea Allan, Paul Hooper, and Christian Finnegan – Mehran’s Ambien-induced busted face; Paul’s break-up and dick pic; Andrea frees Paul’s body; Christian witnesses the afternoon of Keith’s last day of drinking; Christian’s vocal surgery and dead mother

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With Caitlin Brodnick – Mastectomies and sobriety; pregnant catcalling; robot restaurant workers and Seamless’s tricks; McDonald’s pay it forward drive-in lines catches on; man wins $1.3 million on a casino machine then told it’s a malfunction; the Las Vegas shooter; Indiana police shoot at armed robber that’s actually filming a movie; Keith recounts the dangerous set of She’s Crushed; the birthday of Keith’s dead Army friend; how to react to a sexless marriage

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with Ayanna Dookie – Ayanna’s turbulent dating past and her new love; Chemda’s threesome

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with Chris Laker – MoviePass; being bullied, bullying, and the mentality of school shooters; beloved pedophiles; Hugh Hefner tell-alls; Jim Carrey’s dead ex’s revealing iPad letter; Las Vegas’s mass shooting; how to handle relationship fights through yelling; Tom Petty died

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with Kat Burdick – Transgender family members; Chemda’s 1-year tumor anniversary; footballer protesting and Donald Trump’s non-support of Puerto Rico; Keith’s love of the film Wind River has him explaining the plight of Native Americans; American Made and Flatliners reviewed; Marilyn Manson’s giant stage prop falls on him while performing

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with Bianca Brady – Sobriety and dreams; how to record your iPhone screen; how to get your dog to eat; Let’s Make a Deal’s Monty Hall died; Playboy’s Hugh Hefner died; Bianca’s Fitless podcast; Home Depot shopping

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with Travis Irvine – Chinatown bus shadiness; running for Mayor; Fentanyl; Cleveland Browns, Steven Seagal, and football protests

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with Bob Powers – Marriage, divorce, and mental illness; the 2017 Total Eclipse; nursing home romances; the National Anthem, football, and President Trump; the price of cheesehead “hats”

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with Andrea Allan – Gatorade vs. Water; Mormon-owned Brigham Young University’s love of soda; the cost of Halloween; Hurricane Maria; KATG Polls; Kevin Hart’s baby shower; Usher’s herpes victims; Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months; Pretty Woman the musical; Macarena celebrates 21 years; group camping; high mountain climbers; Kingsman: The Golden Circle reviewed

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with Gianmarco Soreski – Gianmarco's father's unconventional jobs; being heterosexual and loving musical theater; friends coming out at theater camp; Israel and Birthright; Keith's horrible skydiving experience vs. Gianmarco's wonderful skydiving experience; laying on the Italian; divorced parents and their dating choices; woman charged with manslaughter for injecting toxic materials into other women's butts; Chemda's teen legal battle; toddlers hit with foul balls at baseball games

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Keith gets divorced and prepares his bachelor pad; reminiscing on past group camping trips and talking about the upcoming trip; drug addict killed by his own dog who ate crack by accident; Kevin Hart infidelity and extortion plot thickens; Andrea is moving up fast in her guest appearances on KATG

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with Neruda Williams – Man caught fucking barbell disc; cooking oils as lubrication; straight sex with your same-sex buddy; cocaine, fighting, and your mom’s brothel; sex with your cousin; YouTube’s #1 star PewDiePie says the N-word on his own video; Cash Me Outside girl’s rap song; The Harlem Comedy Festival

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With Billy Procida, Sam Evans, and Andrea Allan – Polyamory and broken relationships; sex work and financial domination; Billy and Andrea’s sexual past; ambush stand-up shows

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with Joanna Shaw Flamm – Fitness, nutrition, and medicine liars; man fails robbing Baskin-Robbins; President Trump’s latest offensive tweets; Juggalos invade Washington D.C.; Cathryn’s housewarming party; Anthony Weiner’s jail time; Ted Cruz clicks the LIKE button on 3-way porn; Martin Shkreli’s bail offer revoked for putting a bounty of Hillary Clinton’s head; 2017 Emmys; Trypophobia; Gene Simmons’ $50,000 box set

Direct download: KATG-2017-09-20.mp3
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with Ray DeVito and Andrea Allan – Keith’s drinking buddies and his final night drinking; drinking and seizures; cursing caught on network TV; Dallas Cowboys mass shooting; Tinder date gets stuck in window retrieving feces; Ray’s dating life; getting caught masturbating; renting a sex doll; American Assassin and mother! reviewed; Kevin Hart admits infidelity to his pregnant wife; Rebel Wilson wins $3.6 million defamation lawsuit against Woman’s Day

Direct download: KATG-2017-09-19.mp3
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with Tracey Carnazzo – OCD; the iPhone X’s facial recognition; face injections; how not to get caught cheating; catcalling and marriage proposals; Chemda, the worst surprise giver ever; Teen Mom

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with Tyler Snodgrass and Danii Gallegos – Florida residents shoot the hurricane; It reviewed and Stephen King's child gang-bang examined; frat boys kidnapping; man caught masturbating watching The Emoji Movie; Sofia Vergara's battle over her eggs; the highest paid actors in Hollywood; Netflix's weed strains; chef with cancer diagnosis kills friend who introduced him to cigarettes; sober people drinking by accident; Hillary Clinton's new book; fantasy football updates; blind football players and humiliating losses; Keith's 25th high school reunion cancelled


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with Hennessy – Hennessy’s slavery-inspired birthday; relationship boundaries; the ins and outs of AA; Phantom Phallus Syndrome and testosterone shots; woman makes 15 false rape claims in 3 years; dinged vehicle update; sex on a golf course

Direct download: KATG-2017-09-14.mp3
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with Shannon Noll and Andrea Allan – Gender queer; shoplifting; podcast professionalism; sobriety and edibles; Google maps for indoors; Kendall Jenner named Fashion Icon of the Decade; sex in relationships; triple talaq; smarter people curse and walk naked in their homes; Germany’s laws against Nazi symbolism; ghosts

Direct download: KATG-2017-09-13.mp3
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with Sean Donnelly – Chemda’s health update; Sean’s marriage separation; being a doorman in NYC; drunk fights; Rick Flair healthier after bowel removal

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with Eddie Brill – Panic; booking the Late Show with David Letterman; reading lips; accidental joke thievery; sex, drugs, and comedy in the ‘80s; Eddie’s media frenzy over sexism in show business

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with Chewy May and Andrea Allan – Texting and sending money in an alcoholic blackout; Hollywood’s whitewashing; It’s spooky promotion; scary movies, haunted houses, and real ghosts

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with Libby Phillips – The dangers of the Sniff ‘n Drink technique; AA; the most shocking KATG episode ever; movie remakes with the opposite sex; taking drugs to stop drinking; man literally runs into Burning Man; KATG Polls; being late; laugh-stifling; Keith’s money-making football ideas; Roxxxy the emotional sex robot; Trump pledges $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief, doesn’t deliver; Hurricane Irma; 13-year-old mayor; harassment and the legality of Nazi symbolism

Direct download: KATG-2017-09-07.mp3
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Keith’s sober week; the cadence of group self-help leaders; hospital costs; Keith’s new home; Wind River reviewed

Direct download: KATG-2017-09-05.mp3
Category:KATG -- posted at: 6:00pm EDT

with Laurie Kilmartin – Mumbling life’s problems away; being chronically late; stand-up as a single mom; curb-stomping; Trump and Melania visit Texas due to Hurricane Harvey; Nazis are stabbing and macing themselves for attention; Queens' man throws dog off a balcony to win an argument; dead bodies and the MTA

Direct download: KATG-2017-09-01.mp3
Category:KATG -- posted at: 7:03pm EDT

The mile-high club; Game of Thrones and the season finale; Stranger Things renewed far into the future; The Hitman’s Bodyguard and Logan Lucky reviewed; Jay Thomas, host to KATG, died of cancer; Mayor Chris Christie doesn’t get sports talk radio job and yells at a baseball fan; Mayor Bill de Blasio murdered a groundhog in public; ESPN pulls announcer Robert Lee so people don’t think it’s Confederate General Robert E. Lee commentating on a game; NYC apartments with Nazi images

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-31.mp3
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with Josh Accardo – Josh laments over Keith not drinking; Hurricane Harvey; friend and listener reactions from KATG #2702

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-30.mp3
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with Julia Shiplett – Improving ourselves; Chemda and religious centers; time management; Keith's next steps

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-29.mp3
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with Anne Whitman – Keith addresses his alcoholism

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-28.mp3
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with Andrea Allan – Keith’s Landmark graduation; self-help/anonymous meetings

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-25.mp3
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with Chad Zumock and Reena Calm – Drunks; approaching comedians; comics and politics; The Karate Kid TV show; parents fighting on your behalf; KATG Polls; Wag

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-24.mp3
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with Reena Calm – The total solar eclipse; The Landmark Forum explained in detail and self-help discussed

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-23.mp3
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with Dan LaMorte – Drug dealing, booze drinking, bipolar disorders, and brain traumas; the total solar eclipse; drugs and Tiger Woods’s system; Neo-Nazis; Rage Against the Machine predicted a Trump presidency; stand-up at gunpoint; camp counselor

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-22.mp3
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with Brother Love and Rojo Perez – Rojo’s TV debut on Conan; Rojo the hopeless romantic; Brother Love calls in; the bosses play hooky; Landmark and self-improvement; Happy ending massages in groups

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-21.mp3
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with Jena Friedman and Andrea Allan – Deleted yearbook quotes; outlawed vanity plates; Confederate statues; airplane disasters; Taylor Swift wins $1; aggressive ‘actor’ gropes women hoping for a role; stunt woman dies filming Deadpool 2; Pantone’s new Prince purple color

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-18.mp3
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with Daniel Hartley – The greatest country in the word; weed vs. coke; Google vs. Women; weed suppositories; selling your home to foreigners; archaic laws; smiling bank robbers; deadly amusement parks

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-17.mp3
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President Trump finally denounces KKK and white supremacist violence; white nationalist comedian deliberately maces himself for attention; @YesYoureRacist outs racists at white power rallies; American tourist beaten up in Germany for Nazi salute; KATG Polls; HBO shows hacked again; the danger of copper cups; Chemda, dog lover

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-16.mp3
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Rosebud Baker – The Upside Down; sobriety, making amends, and being right vs. being happy; mansplaining

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-15.mp3
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The Charlottesville, Virginia protests; Marshawn Lynch sits during National Anthem; Detroit, Annabelle: Creation, and Kidnap reviewed; 18-year-old Instagrams 14-year-old dying sister; Chemda’s tumor anniversary; food for thought

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-14.mp3
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with Anthony DeVito and Julia Solomon – Relationship dynamics; rage issues and how to stay on top of your medication; Dave Chappelle’s no phone rule; Julia’s love of skin care; performing high; Chemda’s tumor anniversary; cancer survivor dies hiking; your boyfriend’s clothes; black market butt injections

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-11.mp3
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with Jessica Watkins and Andrea Allan – Walking America; drive-ins, Atomic Blonde, Girls Trip, and 4D movies; suicide by text; teens mock drowning adult; Can evil people change?; Pete Rose’s underage sex; 96-year-old nazis  

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-10.mp3
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with Rob Haze – Chinese chatbots against communism; Stephen King’s rape and pedophile fantasies revisited; R. Kelly’s illegal history; Kanye West vs. Jay-Z and 4:44 reviewed; Usher’s $1.1 million herpes cost; Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separate

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-09.mp3
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with Laura Lane and Angela Spera – Laura’s wedding; dating Ryan Lochte; Lauren’s insensitive pro poker playing brother; dating a deaf person; listener relationship comments and questions

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-08.mp3
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Robots’ secret language; The Dark Tower and Dunkirk reviewed; Stephen King’s rape and pedophilia plotlines; The Emoji Movie; The Karate Kid TV series with Ralph Macchio; Game of Thrones season 7; Trump’s transgender military ban; 110 out of 111 NFL players have CTE; KATG Polls; New York Daily News reports on accused rapist and UCB improv comic Aaron Glaser

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-07.mp3
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with Andrea Allan – Andrea's drunk Mr. Hyde: Angela the Angel; meeting the parents; working in a movie theater

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-04.mp3
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with Vanetta Schoefield – Relationship revenge; naughty pastors; snortable chocolate; being locked in a bar; T. J. Miller’s mental breakdown; woman throws coins in plane engine for luck; Lena Dunham makes up dog abuse

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-03.mp3
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with Kerry Coddett – The Emoji Movie and food pictures; Dunkirk, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Girls Trip reviewed; KATG polls; Michael Phelps vs. a shark; naked law-breakers; Walmart’s racist online store; Ashley Madison pays out $11.2 million; Patton Oswalt engaged 15 months after wife dies

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-02.mp3
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Wishmaster vs. Wish Upon; morning coffee fights; KATG email politics; a coffee company uses Viagra’s main ingredient; Proud Boys; O. J. Simpson gets paroled; Home Alone’s John Heard and True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis died; weed taste

Direct download: KATG-2017-08-01.mp3
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with Greg Fitzsimmons – Fitzdog; balding and barbers; HBO’s Crashing; factory towns; subway seat sharing; how to kill yourself; alcoholic and abusive family members; male body issues; testing your gayness; bar brawls and jail; Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s suicide; Landmark

Direct download: KATG-2017-07-31.mp3
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with Norlex Belma and Andrea Allan – Ambush comedy shows; Keith’s wallet saga; school tattletales; all-boys and girls schools; your sexual renaissance; male vs. female bullying; how to be a musical prodigy; ethnicity and names

Direct download: KATG-2017-07-28.mp3
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with Josh Johnson – Bus riders; Chemda’s dating app; Hater, the dating app; the positive effects of bullying  

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