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December 2014
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With Tim Dillon – People mispronouncing your name; Tim the copy salesman that knows nothing about copiers; Tim the NYC tour bus guide that knows nothing about NYC; being Santa Claus; Sony stops the release of The Interview; Keith and Chemda vs. college

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With Chris Gethard – Chris discusses his cable access show going Hollywood; Chris’ marriage and future kids; the greatest porn; perverted teachers, dumb schools, and parent/child contracts; marching band; Cards Against Humanity sells literal bullshit; it’s legal to curse at a cop; Sony hackers threaten terrorism; Bill Cosby’s daughter speaks out; Roman Polanski wants pardoned

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With Christy Coffey and Mike Guild – Stand-up on mushrooms; how to rob people; the Sony email hacks; killing, skinning, and eating your ex’s pet rabbit; new Bill Cosby victim comes forward as Bill’s wife defends him; Keith’s dying aunt; Keith vs. the medical community

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With Dan Soder – The state of legal marijuana; Emma Watson is single; the state of the NFL; Keith vs. the MRI center; Jim Florentine’s anger

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With Paul Hooper – How to up your Tinder game; Cathryn Malley: phone prankster; The Theory of Everything makes Keith cry; how to pronounce Budapest; Cosby Victim #24 and was Camille Cosby in on it?; the Pope says animals go to heaven; Scott Stapp of Creed has gone insane

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When private messages accidentally go public; Keith’s wife is away; enjoying music in public; gift giving; Jessica Watkins walking update; Keith’s waiter days; Sony Pictures’ emails hacked;  The Golden Globes; Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman; 73-year-old caught watching child porn; Keith vs. his landlord

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With Sue Smith – All-women comedy; ballet; vegetarians that eat meat; waiting to be proposed to; re-wearing dresses; Kim Kardashian believes God punished her; changing your gender without surgery; a sex offender wins the lottery; Bill Cosby’s victims on CNN; mental OCD; tipping; inappropriate defecation

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With Lauren Hennessy, Myq Kaplan, Myka Fox, and Danny Hatch – Sex with the deaf; how to deal with ADHD and OCD; When Lauren met Keith; sleeping at parties; ayahuasca; heavy prescription drugs; Beyoncé and Jay-Z meet Prince William and Duchess Kate; Keith and Myq’s relationship; a band’s hit song happens to be named Cosby Sweater; Grumpy Cat makes $100,000,000; Elton John fell out of a chair

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With Josh Gondelman – Apple vs. Android; Pat Dixon on Legion of Skanks; Cops looking into Bill Cosby’s actions at the Playboy Mansion; Supreme Court deciding Freedom of Speech limits on Facebook; atheists can’t hold public office; going to the movies on Christmas; The Cake Boss receives a DWI; grandparents

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Patton Oswalt calls out Bill Cosby, celebrity Cosby defenders, more accusers; Kim Jong-un bans foreign cigarettes and anyone having his name; the benefits of circumcision; professional eye-rolling;; Lil Wayne’s daughter’s 16th birthday; Keith’s aunt; fecal matter in IVs; teacher feeds students semen; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 and Horrible Bosses 2

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