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With Nick Padilla – Sucking your own penis; baby’s first orgy; eating dog; a teacher’s gun accidentally goes off

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Is someone out there for you?; semen makes women happier; born without a cerebellum; hometown pride

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With Christy Coffey – The iPhone Wave; growing up in Las Vegas; fired from Watch What Happens Live; Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce; BuzzFeed’s transgender video feat. Chemda and Lauren; Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn can see ghosts

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With Danny Hatch – Vigilante justice; recharge your phone in a microwave; texting and walking; Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers; climate change; sex in public; cursing on live TV; lawyer Photoshops herself with celebrities

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The iPhone 6 gets delivered; Chemda’s cab driver snorts cocaine while driving; Chemda is harassed by 10 youths; a 14-year-old girl’s sex sting operation goes awry; the NFL’s domestic abuse; Pabst Blue Ribbon sold to a Russian company; birth control for men; Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger and Mama June & Sugar Bear separate; more nude celebrity photos leaked; Astoria-Kaufman studios; A Walk Among the Tombstones; Scotland votes to stay with the United Kingdom

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With Keith Lowell Jensen – Knowing Robin Williams; KATG listener commits suicide; Winger; Robin Thicke rats out Pharrell Williams when sued by Marvin Gaye’s estate; Ron Jeremy and a 17-year-old Traci Lords; Operation Sesame Street; more football playing domestic abusers; Darrell Hammond is the new SNL announcer; Scotland votes for their independence from Great Britain; iOS 8

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With Dan Soder and Luis J. Gomez – The NFL fires Rihanna, Ray Rice appeals suspension, Adrian Peterson suspended indefinitely; Luis’ dad’s murder; Daniele Watts vs. The Police; Luis J. Gomez vs. Kelly Fastuca

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With Chris Iacono – Tattooing your penis; Colorado and her marijuana; deleting the free U2 album; Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson updates; how to deal with police; Urban Outfitters’ Kent State sweatshirt; Miss America; Bruce Willis’ daughters pose erotically; Lindsay Lohan handles Whitney Houston’s corpse

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With Kelly Fastuca – Health scares; Kelly Fastuca vs. Luis J. Gomez; masturbating to death; U2 vs. Sharon Osbourne; are you a deep person?; circumcision

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With Bastard Keith – Gender fluid; married OITNB writer learns she’s gay; masturbating in public; U2 made $100 million; No Good Deed and The Drop; Keith’s new Steelers friend; Adrian Peterson; Oscar Pistorius guilty of manslaughter; Kanye West yells at physically handicapped

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