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May 2015
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with Danny Hatch – Making jokes with strangers; Jackie Martling calls; open relationships revisited; female comics on Louis C.K.’s public masturbation; college forces students to publicly endure vaginal exams; homophobic pastor caught being homosexual; 17-year-old kills 15-year-old friend; Under Armour’s controversial shirt; ISIS hookah lounge; Robyn Rihanna vs. Batman’s Robin; Charlie Hebdo employee with survival guilt leaves; driving while on social media; Bill Clinton vs. Barack Obama

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with Jeannette and Mike, Myq Kaplan, Christian Finnegan, and Mike Lawrence - KATG Kickstarter supporters; open relationships; Myq’s name change; ayahuasca; cradar; Mike Lawrence’s definitive opinions on Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jared Leto’s interpretation of The Joker, the Fantastic 4 reboot, and Ant-Man; Jeanette, phone dominatrix

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with Sabrina Jalees – Muslim families; Catholic priest fired for supporting gay rights; Louis C.K.’s chronic public masturbation scandal revisited; Kanye West at the Billboard Music Awards; Robin Thicke’s dog eats weed; Hillary and Bill Clinton made $25 million on speeches since January 2014; Al Sharpton’s daughter tries to scam NYC for $5 million

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with Kevin Bartini – George Carlin Way; B.B. King dies; Keith’s time at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill; Brother Love gets engaged; Internet sharing trickery; Mitt Romney boxes Evander Holyfield; It Follows and Mad Max: Fury Road; Baltimore cops arrested for looting; Boston Bomber receives death penalty; Louis C.K. accused of habitually masturbating in front of people without consent

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with Lenny Marcus and Faceboy – Turning 50; Jackie Martling calls; The Medical Community vs. Keith Malley; racist Georgia principal; Picasso painting sells for $179 million; Philadelphia Amtrak catastrophe; Richie Sambora threatens to kill his ex-girlfriend

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with Brandon Collins and Mike Brown – The Comedy Outliers; The Hot Mess Comedy Hour; being a comedy duo; being the worst party DJ ever; Chris Christie spends 80% of the state's allowance on food; thieves leave macaroni trail after robbery; Tom Brady suspension over deflated balls; 2015 football; American Idol cancelled; being blind vs. being deaf; Snoop Dogg believes Game of Thrones is real; NYC hammer attacker on the loose; Nepal suffers second earthquake in a month; Kanye West receives honorary doctorate

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with Sean Tucker – Marrying an on-again, off-again girlfriend; in-laws that hate you; mental health; Mother’s Day and politics; Hugsy Malone’s birthday; John Leguizamo vs. Keith Malley; Bret Michaels vs. Keith Malley; Would you rather be blind or deaf?; pills; Tom Brady absolutely had footballs deflated; anchorperson calls it a ‘food fuck’

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with Jenny Jaffee and Sarah Hartshorne – Project UROK; America’s Next Top Model; depression and suicide; Jackie Martling calls; masturbating as a child; rape PTSD

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with Jim Norton – Comics editing themselves; how comics treat comics; the latest on Bill Cosby; sexual perversion; the latest on Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao; Opie and Anthony tensions; Jim’s acting career

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with Tim Dillon – Seasonal menus and Tim’s restaurant work; Cinco de Mayo and how to eat a burrito; Bill Cosby gets heckled; doctors refilling prescriptions; being forced to dominate conversations; woman tweets ‘2 drunk 2 care’ then crashes into a car, killing 2 people

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