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April 2015
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 with Danny Hatch - Tim Dillon update; Danny vs. Andrea; toddler served alcohol; anti-gay movements in high schools and auto repair shops; 13-year-old charged with murder; 93-year-old Nazi stands trial; Tulsa cop accidentally kills unarmed black man; swingers; Ben Affleck's ancestors owned slaves; AC/DC drummer tried to kill his assistant; agoraphobic woman falls into manhole after going outside

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with Noah Gardenswartz – 4/20; Bloodline and American Crime reviews; Trevor Noah, joke thief; Conan writer goes rogue; Tiger Woods curses at The Masters; Keith’s 12th stand-up special; talking in your sleep

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With Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin – Troy Polamalu retires; The Hot Mess Comedy Hour; making a friend drink; Madonna and Drake; Harvey Weinstein freed; Hillary Clinton runs for President; Gwyneth Paltrow fails Food Bank NYC Challenge; Unfriended review; Is Keith pretty enough for his wife?; The Arm Wrestling Challenge

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with Caitlin Brodnick – Keith’s evacuated apartment; Caitlin’s preemptive double mastectomy; sobriety; Barry Manilow is homosexual; the surgeon mocked on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt killed himself because of the show; Scientologist David Miscavige spies on his own father; a college-aged Jon Hamm was arrested for intense hazing

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With Farah Brook – KISS ME NYC; Jackie Martling calls; Farah vs. her boyfriends’ moms; new poll results regarding transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox

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With Amy Shanker – How teachers really feel; Jeopardy contestant thinks the age of consent is 12; MMA fighter Fallon Fox transgender controversy resurfaces; cum cubes; Marilyn Manson sucker-punched; Roscoe P. Coltrane dies; firefighters’ sausage-rape hazing

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With Jake Young – The use of the word nerd; Jackie Martling calls in; Diane Sawyer interviews Bruce Jenner; Harvey Weinstein molests model; man masturbates in his co-worker’s coffee and on her desk; Hugsy Malone gets deep fried; dealing with a booty call with cold sores; Furious 7 review; Duke University wins NCAA

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With John and Molly Knefel – Rolling Stone’s inaccurate UVA rape story; potential presidential candidates; Edward Snowden vs. America; Going Clear; firing guns for the first time; being a waiter and respecting yourself; Timehop; rigging the East Village gas pipeline

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with Jason Nash – Vince Neil sings The Star-Spangled Banner; Do you sing the n-words in rap songs?; Jason’s next movie and friendships with people half your age; Bill Cosby’s heckler revisited; Jackie Martling calls in; Easter and Passover; Robert Durst on the All Good Things DVD commentary; the Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Jon Stewart’s replacement Trevor Noah; Ari Shaffir blasts a fat, one-armed fellow comic

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With Christi Chiello – Christi’s drug use; Michael Jackson constantly prank called Russell Crowe; Christi’s voice and how she manipulates it; Keith’s second knee injection; the beginning of WrestleMania 31 and Rey Mysterio’s murder; NYPD horse kicks off officer; KATG vs. The MTA; service dogs on airplanes; tattletaling siblings; Do you enjoy musicals?; Lyndon B. Johnson’s huge penis; Bill Clinton says House of Cards is real; a GPS leads a car to its demise; Going Clear review; Bill Cosby heckler; rapper Tyga served papers

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