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August 2014
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With Bonnie McFarlane – Comedians raising children; your child believing in God when you don’t; imagining life with someone else; David Letterman; Women Aren’t Funny; Joan Rivers in critical condition; Cops soundman shot dead by cops; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie marry; faking your own kidnapping

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With Jordan Rock – Comics bumping other comics; Miley Cyrus’ VMAs date wanted by the law; growing up in Chris Rock’s shadow; small town vs. NYC; faking death to get out of a wedding; Darren Wilson’s racist background; Times Square costume characters picket; 9-year-old kills shooting instructor; Madden 15 and online playing; the DTs

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With Christi Chiello – Adults with childlike voices; Middle Eastern restaurants; Emmys; Buckcherry covers Icona Pop; Young Jeezy arrested for a shooting at a Wiz Khalifa concert; Keith’s One Strike and You’re Dead law; man arrested after he posts his Ice Bucket Challenge; the Knee Defender

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The President’s vacations; why cops shoot to kill; Suge Knight shot at Chris Brown party; Chemda’s NYC adventures; the Kardashians dishonor Michael Brown; the Last Comic Standing finale; Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon separate; V. Stiviano says Donald Sterling is gay; VH1’s Dating Naked shows actual vagina; stolen morgue penises

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Richard Attenborough and Don Pardo died; camping on molly; Ice Bucket Challenge; Expendables 3, A Most Wanted Man, Nymphomaniac; Ferguson timeline reviewed; War Machine arrested; Lori Petty’s reputation; a man sexes over 100 cadavers

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With Danny Hatch - The Top 10 Party Schools; big head costumes in NYC; Courtney Love wastes $27 million; Wikipedia bans the House of Representatives; Danny's love/lust life

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With Michael Khalili and Marisela Arias – Sex clubs revisited; dieting; Humans United Against Robots; Chemda the Arsonist

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With Ray DeVito and Billy Procida – Dating apps; sex parties; male anorexia; a 6’4” 229-pound Little Leaguer; MTA’s bedbugs; Uber sabotages Lyft; being fined for posting negative reviews

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With Hollis James – Alec Baldwin joins Teachers Lounge; Hollis writes a TMNT book as well as for a Christian magazine; leaving the church; alcoholism; a 4-year-old mayor; the NRA wants the blind to have guns; Jesus Camp

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With Kelly Fastuca – Ferguson; Barneys settles their racist cases for $525,000; an officer wins a medal and then beats up his female neighbor, another officer drunk joyrides in his cop car harassing women; the MTA sexually harasses female customers

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