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October 2014
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With Reena Calm and Amy Shanker – Call center customer service; what teachers really think; how men touch women; illegal drugs and the FDA; Honey Boo Boo’s mom dates a pedophile; Gene Simmons would kill all pedophiles; Nazis still receiving U.S. Social Security; Adolf Hitler was on crystal meth

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With Jackie Martling - Renée Zellweger denies getting plastic surgery; Jackie Martling discusses leaving The Howard Stern Show and his thoughts on it now; sober while smoking weed; Keith stumps Jackie; Bill Cosby’s rape allegations examined

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With Katharine Heller – Evolution of Batman; iCloud beta testing; Steelers vs. Texans; the Pittsburgh accent; trying to reconnect with old friends; the definition of a druggie; Renée Zellweger’s new head; Monica Lewinsky’s speech; Hannibal Buress calls out Bill Cosby’s rape allegations; Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years

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With Dylan Marron – Welcome to Night Vale; The KATG Spoiler Controversy; how men propose to one another; gay bullying; Monica Lewinsky’s woes; supporting the church while being gay

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Making your own medicine; the amount of sleep you need; football fans and their jerseys; people who sit on their neighbors’ stoops alone; high school football sexual hazing; The Walking Dead; The Judge and Dracula Untold; An AIDS-infected pastor has sex with parishioners; a drunk driver bribes a cop with Mountain Dew; a couple feeds their children feces

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With Daliya Karnofsky and Adam Peltier – Why redheads aren’t trusted; Beyonce’s bangs and the poll results; couples euthanasia pacts; Ron and Fez; what it means to be spiritual; having virtual sex; staying with your lover’s relatives

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Snapchat nudes vs. Skype e-sex; Beyoncé’s new haircut; the severity of Ebola; a nurse poisons 38 patients; being addicted to Google Glass; McDonald’s insists their food is nutritious; the Catholic Church acknowledges that gays “have gifts and qualities”

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With Kevin Bartini – Warming up TV audiences; Robert Downey, Jr. in Captain America 3; Cash Cab; George Carlin Way; Dallas Cowboys player caught shoplifting; Snapchat gets hacked; 2 female teachers sex underage male student.

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Gilmore Girls on Netflix; Columbus Day; Amanda Bynes; Josh Brolin’s down-and-out brother Jess; Katy Perry and the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show; Kill the Messenger and the government’s tricks; Gone Girl based on The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story; state trooper tries to convert drivers to Christianity; nurses contract Ebola; comedy club charges based on laughter; telling a co-worker you masturbated to them; Chemda’s landlords confront her weed smoking

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With Stephanie Ellis, Lenny Marcus, Matteo Lane, Danny Hatch, and Lauren Hennessy – Ben Affleck’s penis; Duck Dynasty’s homophobia; Stephen Collins revisited; yelling at subway riders; the homeless vs. scam artists; feces on Citi Bikes; dating; Shia LeBeouf scars up his face; Oscar Pistorius was in love with an ex; calling the police on your son; Miley Cryrus’ homeless date in jail; giving Nazis STDs; Buzzfeed transgender video exceeds 1 million views; 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; how to cure depression

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