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With Danny Hatch – Danny’s sexual escapades; new Bill Cosby accusers and accomplices; Johnny Depp drunk at Hollywood Film Awards; gay man cured by Christian revival; Martha Stewart vs. Gwyneth Paltrow; Japan bans child pornography, sort of

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With Liz Miele – Sex with friends; telling someone you love them; how to make a friend; comic meltdowns; health issues

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More Bill Cosby rape accusers including Janice Dickinson; Dumb and Dumber To; Bono’s bicycle injuries; Jose Conseco sells gun and finger; shooting at Florida State University; Anonymous vs. the Ku Klux Klan

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With Jay Nog – Men’s problems with the catcalling video; Chemda burns her ass; Adrian Peterson suspended entire season; proposing at a football game; people pronounced dead then come back to life; Charles Manson obtains marriage certificate; 2014 Word of the Year; MTA subway hike; suicide prevention 

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With Aaron Nevins – The Philadelphia heckler who hated KATG; how to propose a threesome; new Bill Cosby rape victim; newscaster sexism; temporary breast implants and how to get Kim Kardashian’s ass; Rick’s Cabaret fined $10 million; Jose Canseco’s finger falls off; 2nd Ebola victim in U.S. dies; U2’s tragedies; FDA surprises NFL with post-game drug tests; Russia creates its own Wikipedia; prolific TV show creator dies

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With Megan Gailey and Liza Treyger – Sex with football players; tampons vs. pads; oral sex with people you don’t like; creepy apartment supers; Choose Your Own Adventure creator dies; Bill Cosby asked about rape allegations; Ben Roethlisberger’s rape scan

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This episode focuses on KATG’s problems with comedian Pat Dixon and his role as a sexual predator, including his animosity toward the show and specific details of his indiscretions.

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Live from UCB East as part of the New York Comedy Festival, feat. Andrea Allan, Katharine Heller, Mike Lawrence, Danny Hatch, Ray DeVito, Greg Behrendt, and Ophira Eisenberg

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With Mark Normand – Roast Battle; Robin Williams left his kids $50 million estate; How do idiots get hired?; Kim Kardashian and Chelsea Handler show their asses; KATG vs. Pat Dixon

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With Mehran Khaghani – Leaving Iran; getting beat up by your family for being gay; the amount of weed you can carry in NYC; working for the mob; Veterans Day; anal sex; Dumb and Dumber; Bill Cosby’s #CosbyMeme fails; Keira Knightley topless; clothing store size tricks; NYC’s Ebola doctor cured; nurses go on strike

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