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With Kyle Ayers – Roasting Justin Bieber; #roofbreakup; the Internet’s knee-jerk reactions; Jackie Martling congratulates Chemda; heart attack in McDonald’s bathroom; Ben Garson knows being gay is a choice; Hillary Clinton being subpoenaed over personal emails

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with Brooke Van Poppelen – Hack My Life; @midnight; Girl Code; Keith vs. Artichoke Pizza; customers vs. waiters; KATG causes panic attacks; Keith and Cat vs. their landlord; personally observing Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg’s new family; vaccinations; Seth Rogen’s old office needs renovated due to weed smell

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with Brandie Posey – Burning down the house; Sharknado 3; Pornhub’s masturbatory gadget; 2 new Bill Cosby rape victims; new NYC mohel circumcision policies; advice for visiting Israel; Is being Jewish a race?; Fanta celebrates Nazism; penis reduction surgery; Artichoke Pizza; woman shoots husband thinking he’s an intruder; Would you disown your killer child?; Chris Brown’s new baby; Pimp My Ride was fake

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with Michael Khalili and Marisela Arias – Neighbor notices objectionable activity at KATG HQ; Michael and Marisela lose 20 pounds; The Waiter Series; betting with friends; ISIS feeds a mother her son; Applebee’s calls police on Keith and Michael; Chemda’s wedding

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Chemda returns married; Terrence Howard, Patricia Arquette, Stacey Dash, and the Fashion Police; Lupita Nyong’o’s stolen dress; Beyoncé’s sampled singer not paid; CitizenFour; the man who killed the American Sniper; Bill O’Reilly lied about war experiences; Fox news anchor says ‘jigaboo’ on the air; Veteran Affairs Secretary lied about his service; Leonard Nimoy and Lesley Gore die

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with Troy Conrad

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with Gary Gulman

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Cindy Crawford’s untouched photo; Uma Thurman’s new face; Machine Gun Preacher, Movie 43, Sharknado, and Sharknado 2 reviewed; SNL 40 and Academy Awards 2015 discussed; #FuckEddie; Harris Wittels overdoses

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with Josh Gondelman and Gaby Dunn

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with Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer

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