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With Chris Iacono – Tattooing your penis; Colorado and her marijuana; deleting the free U2 album; Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson updates; how to deal with police; Urban Outfitters’ Kent State sweatshirt; Miss America; Bruce Willis’ daughters pose erotically; Lindsay Lohan handles Whitney Houston’s corpse

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With Kelly Fastuca – Health scares; Kelly Fastuca vs. Luis J. Gomez; masturbating to death; U2 vs. Sharon Osbourne; are you a deep person?; circumcision

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With Bastard Keith – Gender fluid; married OITNB writer learns she’s gay; masturbating in public; U2 made $100 million; No Good Deed and The Drop; Keith’s new Steelers friend; Adrian Peterson; Oscar Pistorius guilty of manslaughter; Kanye West yells at physically handicapped

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Lauren Hennessy – Turning 30; Richard “Jaws” Kiel died; Facebook’s expiring posts; deleting your forums account; fixing your iPhone; an addiction to sugar; masturbating at work; U2’s new free album; Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murder; The NFL hires the FBI; dogs loving socks; college stadiums selling alcohol; Filmography of Guns

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With John Knefel and Molly Knefel – The dangers of molly; Casio’s calculator watch vs. Apple’s iWatch; Johnny “Football” Menziel, Antonio “Liu Kang” Brown, Ray “Wifebeater” Rice, Jerry “Genitalia” Jones; Kevin Sorbo defends Mel Gibson; Chick-Fil-A founder dies; a church gargoyle kills a young mother; War Machine arrested; Muslim women and their eyesight

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With Danny Hatch – iPhone 6, iWatch, and the reviewers; Chemda’s therapy; Joan Rivers remembered; When Danny Attacks; camping on molly; asking strangers for a picture; Jennifer Lawrence pictures revisited

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With Newsy – KATG interns; Cee-Lo loses his TBS show; KATG tattoos; Joan Rivers dies; how to bet on football; Michael Sam joins the Dallas Cowboys; The Podcast Test; Marcus Terrell; more graphic celebrity leaked photos; Sin City 2, The November Man, Into the Storm

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With Lecy Goranson – Becky Conner from Roseanne; fantasy football vs. rooting for your team; Keith, Chemda, and Lecy as actors; celebrities going to college; talking to celebrities; Boy’s Don’t Cry

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Cee-Lo Green tweets that unconscious rape isn’t rape; Keith’s wife vs. Times Square costume characters; is Zara selling anti-Semitic clothing?; a KATG listener tries to kill herself and her daughter; leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, among others; Michael Sam cut; Joan Rivers recovering with brain damage

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With Bonnie McFarlane – Comedians raising children; your child believing in God when you don’t; imagining life with someone else; David Letterman; Women Aren’t Funny; Joan Rivers in critical condition; Cops soundman shot dead by cops; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie marry; faking your own kidnapping

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